Sunday, September 30, 2007

Story Synopsis- Do Superheroes Retire? - Version 4

This is my forth revision to my story synopsis for the retired superhero idea. In this version, I'm trying to make my message clearer. I'm still working on the gags to flush them out. I need to figure out what Fang forgets. I'm also still undecided about what kind of superpower Nigel will have. I'm thinking of laser vision, creating fire, creating water being elastic. Two scenarios I was thinking of is a flood, where Nigel can laser beam the water and it turns into a mist. I was also think of a meteor shower were Nigel could either break apart the meteor with his laser vision or he could freeze the meteors with his ability to create water. I'm also thinking of a bolder falling and Nigel can stretch his arm out to catch it.

Story Synopsis 4

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