Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, I finished all my textures expect for the two characters; I’m waiting for the final rigs. Koichi is working on Flash and Hunter is working on Flexman for me. I so grateful, I’d still be rigging or have to ditch my characters and use online rigs by now. I also have three copies of my pre-thesis book all printed out. I’m still working on the images for the wall. Once I get the rigs, I will only need to animate and do the few effects: Work on Rain, Glow Effect, Motion Blur, and Electrocution. Maybe tweak things. It’s also my last week of homework from Animation Mentor; I’m going to take a term off to have more time finish my Thesis. Even though it was a lot of work doing the two schools, I feel I learned a lot about animation from AM that I can apply to my thesis.

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