Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Met with Misha

Well I met with Misha yesterday and he had some great suggestions for my story. First he wants me to have them watching TV showing their olden days on it, with the cheesy batman and robin style. I was thinking I could do the TV in a 2-D style. Then he wants me to have them shut it off and begin to play checkers. I was thinking about this and I could have him stretch to turn off the TV, Flexman doesn’t need a remote. He also had the suggestion to make Flexmans movements very jerky. He suggest I give a twist to what I see, we all see our self in them. He suggests that I really push the super powers. For the elocution, he suggests afterwards that I make it their time to shine again at the end for one of the two. He gave me the example that the electrocution gives Flexman he’s energy again and they jump out the window to save the day once again. He felt it would give the story a message like no matter what age you are don’t give up your hopes/dreams.

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