Friday, November 16, 2007

How my Pre-Thesis Industry Review went

Well, my industry review didn’t go to well either. I got conflicting reviews, and suggestions that are basically pulling away from my original idea. Some told me that the timing was on. Then when another disagreed saying the timing was off, the first individual took their statement back. I was told that the timing to the dog was off, that I didn’t show his speed. I was told that the story was not entertaining and that playing checkers does not show that they are bored. That I need a better scenario, like playing fetch to showcase their abilities. Another told me that they liked the interaction of the checker’s competition, but to have them do something else besides playing checkers, something else where they can compete. Then one said they liked the absurdity of them playing checkers. I was also told that the premise was not set up by one, than another told me that they did see the premise setup in the pan of the room, just to make it slower in order for the audience to see it. Then I was told by another, that the incredibles did that pan and not to take ideas from other movies. I was also told by some that they thought fighting over changing a light bulb doesn’t work, but then another told me that it does being that they are fighting over something so mundane that it could be funny. By another I was told to have just the whites of the eyes show, when the lights go out and play with sound effects. Which could be good, for a few seconds, but as I have my piece now, the lights are out for about 30 seconds, so to me that really doesn’t work. No one seemed to understand why the characters began to fight. Stuff similar to this is done in Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons Shorts. One told me that I have two protagonists, I said yes that correct. She then said well they have to want the same thing. I thought they both wanted to change light bulb to do something was that. I was also told by the guy to reduce what I have and choose key moments, in a different approach. I was actually told by one to scratch the superhero idea, it’s been done well already, to start over from scratch, I feel this might not work now, being I only have a month left in the semester. I was told by another to do less, and more of what you have. They all agreed they like the two character design. It actually ending with a student suggesting, I showing it raining outside the window they are sitting in front of to show why their bored, Which the panel liked. Afterwards students that knew my story thought it would work, that all that I had in mind maybe didn’t come though in my animatic.

So basically I completely and utterly confused that this point. I took the advice of the first panel and reworked it only to have the second panel not like it. I find the reviews at this stage more destructive than helpful. Especially when I’ve spent a 3/4 of a semesters researching and now to restart from scratch while still having work to do and now to redo all my past work. I felt I didn’t get to many suggestions on how to make my story work, but more of changing it. I’m going to try and speak with Patricia, who was running the review, and she was also heard it for the first time, seeing if she has any suggestions. I’ll also go back to my advisor Mike to see what he thinks. I want my project to work, but I also want it to be about something I want to do.

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