Friday, November 23, 2007

Meeting with Patricia

I meet with Patricia this past Tuesday to discuss how my review went. She suggested I storyboard some Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry shorts in order to see how the formula works. Develop who the characters are, what are their traits. She also said to spell out the thesis statement. Show the superheroes board and setup the problem about to happen. It all should be seen in the establishing frame (Rain, Stretchy, Motion Blur, Boredom, Power and Phone). Having it raining outside will help set up the boredom. Being board can be shown with the eyes rolling, tapping fingers, etc. Show flexman more relaxed and away from the table, in order to really show his superpower. Show motion blur and maybe skid marks with the dog. Show them excited when the lights go off. Maybe once the lights go out, the moonlight lights the room. Also to have the lights flicker. If you want them to compete set up the competition, ex. Key cut in half, pictures on the wall of the superheroes fighting over saving the girl. She also suggested I add more cobwebs and a logo on the phone.

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