Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting Ready for the Pre-Thesis Review - Midterm

We have our Facility Pre-Thesis review this Friday. I’m putting all my updated info in one posting.

My main goal in my thesis is to get a solid animation while refining my skills. Many areas of animation inspired me, however there were a few works of art in particular that really motivated me. They were Chuck Jones’s Animation, The Incredibles, Wallace and Gromit as well as the sculpture exhibit L'Hospice. Through these reference I’ve come up with my narrative about a retired superhero that gets called out of retirement to save the day. However with the help of his dog Fang the two actually wind up getting into a predicament were they themselves need to be saved.

Thesis Statement -
A Character Animated Short with an emphasis on comic timing and exaggerated poses that showcases the humorous relationship between a retirement superhero and his dog in a cartoon style.

Story Synopsis

Thesis Treatment

Flexman Script

Flexman Storyboard

Thesis Outline

Research Paper

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