Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paperwork Update

Only 10 days left, the countdown begins. I have all the pre-vis stuff together and some of the thesis documents. I'm going to work on some paperwork today. I need to make sure this is all in order.
Final Deliverables

1. DVD, encoded
1.1 This DVD should contain your final thesis project and play on regular consumer DVD players.
Its primary purpose is to present your final piece in front of a panel/audience. This will be the DVD played during your presentation. Double check that it works and is labeled!!! A DVD handed in presentation day will not be accepted and viewed for presentation.

2. Printed Documentation of the Production Process
2.1 Thesis Statement and Thesis Synopsis (Updated if different from PreViz)
2.2 Faculty Critique Report and copies of Evaluation Criteria Forms
3.3 Industry Critique Report and copies of Evaluation Criteria Forms
2.4 Additional research materials including images and text references
2.5 Additional or changed production design elements, modified visual script
2.6 Post Thesis Self Critique
2.7 Acknowledgements, Production Credits and Clearances
2.8 Bibliography & appendices as it applies

3. Printed Documentation of Thesis Previsualization
3.1 One printed color copy of your un-edited pre-visualization booklet
This document will NOT be graded! It is an important part of your oral defense to the panelists.

4. Data DVD/CD
The data DVD is required for archiving purposes. It should contain all major components of your project such as:
4.1 Quicktime DV version of your thesis project
4.2 PDF data file of your complete Previz Thesis Documentation including text and images
4.3 PDF data file of your complete Execution Project Thesis Documentation including text and images
4.4 Showcase Catalog Image 720x540 or HD hero shots for promotional purposes (see spec sheet)
4.5 Additional stills at least 720 X 540 of your final project for promotional purposes
4.6 Important reference materials, additional pictures, text files and video clips etc.
4.7 Animatics
4.8 Additional Proof of Concept Tests, animations, models etc.
4.9 All digital elements of your previz submission: animatics, proof of concepts, reference

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